Are you new to the wonderful world of SEO? Everyone has to start somewhere.  So, you might as well hit the ground running, as soon as possible. As you gain steam and begin to understand the finer details of search engine optimization, you’ll soon realize just how important the right strategy is to your business. In my step-by-step guide to SEO, I discuss the importance of this strategy, as well as basic information to help you better understand what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Several times per week (if not more often), I receive an email asking the same basic question: What’s the bestRead More →

  It seems like every month there’s something new on Pinterest. Something changed, something moved and something has disappeared. And some days, it takes me more than just a quick 5 minute scan to figure out where the button is to do something that I clicked on every day.   What the huh Pinterest? If you log into Pinterest as much as I do, I’m sure you’ve seen the changes too. It started slowly with the lifetime number on the repins. Then came our profiles – all that extra white space at the top. Our profile information got bigger and our boards got smaller. MobileRead More →

How to Tell Whether Your Messages Sing the Right Tune Successful messaging hits the following marks; if it doesn’t, it’s time to take another swing at it: Messages are credible and exact. Good messaging is built on a foundation of research (on your market and customers) and exploration (who you really are and what you want to be). It is both true and accurate. Messages feel right. Messages not only are true but also feel true. The key authenticity test is whether they connect with users and audiences alike. For that to happen, messages need to be written in natural, ordinary language, so people areRead More →